- Jon Samson makes great music for kids, and does music therapy for kids. His website is:

- Friends in the biz who I think are great - Frances England, Mil's Trills, Lesley Kernochan,

- Babies love reggae! Here is one of my faves: B is for Bob/ Bob Marley.

- Elizabeth Mitchell - any of her CDs are lovely for parents and babies.

- My favorite classical CD of all time is Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations. Perfect for an indoor afternoon with the baby.

- The obvious ones. You know what they are. Just listen to what you love and your baby will end up loving it too.

Mama Well Being:

- Amazing skin products that make me excited to wash my face. By a mom in one of my groups turned friend. Her site is:

- For moms who don't have time to make a yoga class: - do it whenever for however long you want.

Other Stuff For Babies and You:

- Great recipes for your babies by a former group member, now friend:

- Speaking of food, a wonderful company that brings local produce to you: It also happens to be my brother's :)

- A toy we love - we have played with these bristle blocks since my first son was little and continue daily:

- One of the best baby carriers I have come across, especially for the early months: